a domain name with the control panel facility to manage all my contacts, that's what i need...

The idea of Internet domain names is no longer a new thing -- domain names are now woven into the fabric of modern society, with "dot com" appellations appearing in TV and print advertising, on billboards, and even on bumper stickers. Domain names are hot commodities that can be worth thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars and are fast becoming a primary link between businesses and their customers. If you're planning on getting a domain name for your enterprise, it's good to learn some basic facts about how domain names work.

A Domain Name can contain up to 67 characters, this 67 character limit includes the "." (dot) and the top level Domain. So in the case of a ".com" name, for instance, you'll be able to specify up to 63 characters yourself.

Some top Domains from specific countries have additional limitations on length and on the number of characters in a Domain. Some even specify a minimum length for a Domain Name, such as 3 characters or more.

Click here for the list of Country Specific Domains or Domains By Country.

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