last night i saw a dream, i was administering the entire contents of my website on my own ; without any technical knowledge …

TECHNOLOGY, this ten-letter-word has done wonders in every field. In this era of highly advanced Web technologies, people prefer to administer their website themselves rather than calling their Web administrator for changing even a SINGLE WORD.

A Content Management Website or a Content Management Portal implies development of a system whereby the entire contents of the Website can be updated / modified by way of some apparent & user-friendly forms.

The information can be text, news articles, products, images etc. In short anything, rather everything that a website contains. No technical expertise / knowledge is necessary to manage the website, the System developed make it just like a child’s play.


  • All our Content Management Systems (CMS) have password protected administration areas and are easy to use.
  • The CMS gives you complete control over both the contents and the structure of your website. It allows the user to both add to and update the contents of your pages using a simple “point and click” interface.
  • Our Content management Software grants the user a large degree of control over how the information on the page is presented.
  • New layouts can be added by request, and custom layouts can be created to meet the needs of the information you would like to present.

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