we pride ourselves on our wide-ranging clientele — both in terms of industry and in size ...

McCoy has had the opportunity to work with clients across the world. We have built long-term, multiple project relationships with many of our clients. That's why our first customer four years ago is still our customer today. By applying our process we are able to provide custom solutions, establish your objectives and choose the right design and technology that works for you.

Representing a broad spectrum of organizations, from commercial enterprises to government, our clients have unique needs and goals for their sites.

We invite you to contact any one of them if you'd like to know from their perspective how we've worked with them to create the most effective online presence for their organizations.

Our list of clinetele includes some top companies in India, UK & other countries, a few from from the exhaustive list are :


* Oceanic Jewellers Ltd. (UK)

* di Sergio Mazza & C. S.a.s. (Italy)

* IGrapple Wear UK (UK)

* Metal De Seda (Spain)

* Venus Consulting Internet Ltd. (UK)

* Claredon Textiles Inc. (US)

* M & A Products(UK)

* IMAR Entertainment (US)

* AVL India Pvt. Ltd. (India)

* The Master Group (UK)

* Lubrication Vent Block (Canada)


* PSI Consulting (UK)

* CybizCall International Ltd.(India)

* Jupiter Jobs (UK)

* The Instrument - Net (U.K.)

* GML Consulting Ltd. (HongKong)

* ISG (Italy)

* Speeder Ltd. (UK)

* Air Hostess Academy (India)

* Lola Ltd. (UK)

* Khatema Fibres Ltd. (India)

* Plasser India Ltd. (India)

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